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Special Projects

A primary goal of ours here at COR Behavioral is to constantly contribute to the field of Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis. As we develop new projects, we will list them here for you. Please feel free to contact us with special interest projects we may be able to assist with in the future, we are always happy to collaborate.

Monthly newsletter detailing sensory friendly events throughout NJ

Our amazing staff have developed this incredibly useful monthly newsletter detailing sensory friendly events throughout NJ! Sign up for our mailing list and we will email you the newsletter.

myPref is a fun and easy way to identify what someone really likes!


DOWNLOAD this app:

Best Apps for Kids says, "Bottom line: This app makes assessments very simple to conduct for figuring out personalized motivators for each client as well as keeping that information in one easy to navigate space."

myPref allows you to easily perform preference assessment: an essential component of effective behavior supports.  

myPref helps you determine the most powerful reinforcers! 

myPref helps you make the right choice! It is especially to the education administrator, teacher, clinician, parent, paraprofessional or advocate for those with ASD or special needs...

When we support each other, we all do better.

Designed by a team of thought leaders, Concern Cards (TM) is a non-intrusive way to spread education, awareness, and tolerance in the community. Simply carry your cards and distribute in new community settings (i.e., restaurants or the mall). These cards convey information about your loved ones condition, his/her need for tolerance and acceptance, and links (phone, email, and web) to more information.

Make sure to follow us on YouTube to watch our wonderful, easy to view educational videos on a variety of childhood stages and scenarios. Topics include: Back to School, Flying on an Airplane, Riding in a Car, and Going to the Movies.

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Tips & Tricks for Kids with

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Concern Cards (TM)


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