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Dragonfly Learning: Center Based Learning Program

What We Do

The Dragonfly Learning, center-based, program is comprehensive and based on the science and principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). This program is ideal for learners ages 2-7 years old with autism and other developmental disabilities who can benefit from an intensive full-time learning program. All instruction is data driven and implemented using a full-time treatment model. Full time learners attend our center-based program for 6 hours per day (maximum of 30 hours per week) and receive one to one (1:1) instruction. Sessions take place over all 12 months.

Our learning center provides an ideal setting for therapeutic programming. Learners and their families are welcomed into a truly inclusive student-centered classroom community. All clinicians are committed to helping learners acquire and generalize skills that will increase the likelihood of success at home and in the community. 


All clinicians receive hands-on training and ongoing staff supervision by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). BCBAs are on site at all times and oversee all programs.

The Dragonfly Learning Program at The COR Behavioral Group is currently accepting RFPs (Requests for Placement) for our waiting list. Interested parties may request more information here.

Curriculum Areas
  • ​ABA & 1:1 Therapy

  • Behavior Plan Implementation

  • Parent Training

  • Discrete Trial Training

  • Receptive & Expressive Language

  • Academic Skills (Reading, Math, and Language Arts)

  • Communication Skills

  • Social Skills

  • Peer Interaction Skills

  • Play Skills

  • Leisure Skills

  • Potty Training & AdaptiveBehaviors/Life Skills

  • Basic Skills Acquisition

  • Adaptive Physical Fitness

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