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5 Tips to Keep "Quarantine Busy"

It may seem like there is a lack of structure during this time. But, there are also plenty of new tasks to navigate. Whether you are wearing the “parent” hat, the “teacher” hat, the “cook” hat, or many others simultaneously, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by feeling that we have to do it all. Here are a few helpful tips to make these days go a little smoother at home:

  1. Keep Structure During Down Times: Make a fun activity schedule for your child to keep busy. This also allows you to schedule some time to focus on yourself.

  2. Create an Earning System for Completion of Chores, Schoolwork, or Good Behavior! Reinforcement for positive behaviors are the best way to get and keep your loved one motivated to complete tasks.

  3. Set Up a Virtual Playdate with Peers or Classmates: This will help your child to not feel so isolated during this lonely time. Just seeing a few additional friendly faces can do wonders for your loved one!

  4. Start a Lengthy Project: Maybe something you’ve been putting off for some time, such as making a sensory corner, clearing out some old toys, or redecorating your loved one’s bedroom.

  5. Try Something New: Try to develop some new hobbies, crafts, or recipes, among others. New experiences will allow your loved one to think outside of their usual box.

Have any additional suggestions? Email us and let us know!

Jennifer Harris, Ed.M., BCBA, LBA (MO), is an Assistant Clinical Director at The COR Behavioral Group, and works mainly from the Lebanon, NJ office.

Jennifer is both a BCBA and mother to a toddler on the Autism Spectrum. Her experiences include adult residential, adolescent crisis, in-home services, and school consultation. She has collaborated with other professionals to look at treatment as a whole, providing the highest quality service to clients.

For more information, visit, or call toll free: 1.833.4CORABA.

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