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Social Skills Group

What We Do

These groups are for designed for children on the Autism Spectrum but are open to any and all children who may benefit from additional social skills practice.   Many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and social communication disorders have difficulty making and maintaining friends.  These groups are designed to help your child practice emerging social skills in a safe environment and gain social confidence.

Groups are led by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and will focus on the development of peer relations, age-typical play, social skills, and relationship development. Individualized and group goals are formulated after each group member completes an individualized in-take assessment. Data is collected during each session to monitor and measure your child’s progress. As skills are mastered, new target skills will be added so that each child is continually growing in their ability to play, learn, and interact with peers.  ​

Skills We Develop
  • Social Awareness

  • Friendship Skills

  • ​Age Appropriate Play Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Group Interaction

  • Conflict Resolution

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